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Easter-Themed Wood Yarn Lacing Kit

Easter-Themed Wood Yarn Lacing Kit

Spring into stitching with our Easter-Themed Wood Yarn Lacing Boards! Each DIY kit comes complete with all the goodies you need to weave a little wonder into your holiday.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Wood Lacing Board: Choose your spring vibe with shapes like floral bunny, personalized name bunny, two unique crosses, two different eggs, a carrot, or a rainbow.
  • Yarn Galore: A bundle of colorful yarn to lace up your design.
  • Darning Needle: Just the right size for easy threading and lacing.
  • Paints & Brush: Brighten your board with a splash of paint before you start lacing.

Whether you're a lacing newbie or a stitching pro, these kits are perfect for creating an Easter masterpiece. Pick your shape and hop into a crafty day! 🐰🌈🎨

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