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Kids Summer Art Camp - STEM Explorers Week - July 15th-19th

Kids Summer Art Camp - STEM Explorers Week - July 15th-19th

Prepare for a week of thrilling discovery and hands-on fun with STEM Explorers Week! From July 15th to 19th, future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians aged 7-13 are invited to Ollie Pop Craft Shop for a journey through the fascinating world of STEM. Engage in experiments, build incredible structures, and solve challenging puzzles as you dive deep into science, technology, engineering, and math. Here’s the blueprint for your week of exploration:

Exploration Blueprint:

    • Monday:

    • Crystalline Creations

      • Crystal Growing: Immerse yourself in the sparkling world of crystallography by starting your very own crystal growing experiment, learning about the process of crystallization and patience as your creations take shape.
    • Tuesday:

    • The Science of Light and Reaction

    • Lava Lamps: Begin your adventure by creating homemade lava lamps, exploring the mesmerizing world of chemical reactions and density differences.
  • Thursday: Engineering Marvels

    • Straw Bridges: Test your engineering skills by constructing durable bridges from straws, challenging your understanding of structural integrity and the principles of design.
    • Circuit Cards: Illuminate your day by creating circuit cards that light up, introducing the basics of electricity and circuit design.
  • Friday: Problem-Solving Adventures

    • Escape Room Challenge: Cap off the week with a mind-bending escape room challenge. Apply your math and logic skills, along with a dose of teamwork and critical thinking, to solve puzzles and "escape" the room.

Camp Details:

  • Ages: 7-13
  • Sessions: Morning (9:30am-12:30pm) or Afternoon (1:30pm-4:30pm).
  • Price: $240/week. Siblings can join the discovery for a 10% discount.
  • Capacity: Limited to 10 curious minds per session for an engaging and interactive experience.
  • Cancellation Policy: If your expedition needs rerouting, cancel with 14 days' notice for a 75% refund, within 7 days for a 50% refund, or reschedule within 48 hours. No credits or prorates for partial weeks.
  • Bring Along: A snack (small lunch) and a drink for our exploration break. All materials for your STEM journey are provided.

A Friendly Note on Creativity and Community: At Ollie Pop Craft Shop, we believe every question leads to discovery, and every discovery builds our community. We encourage exploration, respect, and collaboration. If a young explorer's enthusiasm becomes disruptive, we'll navigate towards solutions together. In cases where our collaborative environment is compromised, we may need to ask an explorer to chart a separate course, without a refund.

Ready to embark on a week of STEM exploration? Secure your spot in STEM Explorers Week and let the discoveries begin!

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